Perhaps nothing is as unsettling and upsetting in life than facing the prospect of criminal charges. The reality is that oftentimes when a person faces a criminal charge, his or her very liberty is at risk. Incarceration is a common punishment associated with being found guilty of a criminal charge.

Indeed, even if incarceration is not on the table as a penalty for one reason of another, the sanctions associated with being convicted of any type of crime are serious. They can include having to serve terms of probation, fines and other types of significant penalties.

A person looking at criminal charges needs to understand when he or she must seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney. The failure to obtain legal representation in a timely manner places a person at a grave risk of being unable to protect appropriately his or her legal and constitutional rights.


Criminal Investigation

Although many people are arrested without being subjected to an involved or time consumer investigation by law enforcement authorities, that is not always the case. In some instances, an individual is subjected to a criminal investigation prior to being arrested — and the person is aware that such an investigation is ongoing. Indeed, law enforcement officials oftentimes attempt to question the subject of an investigation during that investigatory process.


If a person is subject to a criminal investigation, he or she must seriously consider retaining the services of an experienced, qualified criminal defense attorney. Indeed, a person who is the subject of such an investigation must never agree to be interviewed or otherwise speak with a law enforcement official without first consulting a lawyer. A lawyer very well may recommend that a person not submit to such an interview or questioning.


Criminal Charges Formally Made

Once a person is charged with a crime, the need for a capable criminal defense attorney also exist. The only exception is in a situation in which a person is charged with an extremely minor violation or infraction. However, even in the case of a seemingly minor case, a person must understand that a conviction of a minor charge can have a negative impact on that individual should be ever be faced with another criminal charge in the future.

Some people take the erroneous position that they do not need to retain a criminal defense attorney promptly after being charged with a crime. Some people hold out hope that somehow a case will be dismissed and that they do not need to “go through the hassle” of hiring a lawyer.

In reality, the criminal defense system is designed to move relatively rapidly. Therefore, a person charged with a crime simply does not have time on his or her hands to forgo retaining an attorney in a timely manner. Time and time again, a defendant in jeopardizes his or her case by not retaining a qualified criminal defense attorney promptly after being charged with a crime.

Keep in mind that most criminal defense attorneys provide a no-cost initial consultation to a prospective client. This appointment provides an attorney the ability to generally evaluate a person’s case and an opportunity for a criminal defendant to sum up a lawyer. Contact us today to set up your appointment!