Drug Charges


One of the initial actions that need to be taken when you are facing drug possession charges is to determine your defense course. There are several approaches that you can take in such a situation. Some of them include:


    • Challenging the facts stated against you
    • Providing testimonies of evidence to prove your case
    • Targeting procedural errors
    • Or challenge the general charges in an affirmative defense

Types of Defense Tactics for Drug Possession Charges

Below are some common tactics that defense lawyers may employ when arguing a clients case:


Denying Ownership of the Drugs

Denial is a common defense tactic in this and other cases. In such a case, with the help of a professional attorney, you can deny ownership of the drugs. With such a claim follows a statement that you had no idea of the presence of the drugs in your apartment, car, or any other place they were found.

Here, the attorney can also argue that the drugs were planted.

Pair of handcuffs sitting on top of assorted drugs and hundred dollar bills
Lab Analysis and Claiming that the Drugs are Missing

It is common for prosecutors to present drug possession challenges without showing the actual drugs in court. In such a case, the defense attorney can argue that the missing drugs indicate a lack of evidence. The attorney can also argue that the substance that was recovered is not a drug and request that the substance is tested in a lab to ascertain authenticity.


Claiming Entrapment

Entrapment happens when officers or informants tempt a suspect to commit wrongdoing that he or she would or else not have committed. A good example is if the mole traps a suspect into passing the drugs to a third party. It may also occur when the state provides the drugs in question through the officer or the mole.
Attorneys are some of the most creative people when it comes to formulating defense tactics. You, however, need to make sure you hire the best lawyers in the industry. Here at Smith and Lee, Lawyers, we offer just that.

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