Medical Bills/Health Insurance/Treatment

They will most likely send you a letter stating that they understand you were in an accident and asking you to describe your injuries so they can determine if they have provided benefits related to the accident. We will also contact them and ask that we be sent documents showing what they spent on your care along with a list of providers.

Many doctors, chiropractors, specialists and clinics will provide treatment to you with a Letter or Protection from your attorney. This is a letter that guarantees they will receive payment of their bills out of the recovery of your case. Ask your preferred provider if they will accept one of these letters. Many of the doctors and providers who specialize in accident care accept these.

The short answer, anywhere you want. We do not direct your medical care, we do no select medical providers for you, and we do not have any agreement with any medical provider to send them business or vice versa. We want you to select the doctors and facilities you want.

You may be receiving bills from hospitals, ambulances, ER doctors and others. We can not prevent them from billing you for your co-pay or for the total amount if you are uninsured. We can make requests that they cease collection efforts, but they are not obligated to stop trying to collect and are n

No. It means that payment will be made from the recovery on your case. If there is no recovery in your case, you will still be personally obligated to pay for the treatment.

Unfortunately, many doctors do not want to get involved with your care after an accident because they do not want to be brought into the litigation. This is understandable but can make things difficult. There are, doctors and clinics that will see you and provide treatment following an accident.

Yes. Most of the time any provider, including ambulances, ER doctors, hospitals and radiologists who saw you within 72 hours of your accident have a right to be paid back out of the claim by law.

Yes. But only if we make a recovery from the at fault party. They have what is called a right of subrogation, which means they have a right to be paid back any amount they spent on your behalf. This is part of your agreement with your health insurer when you signed up for the health insurance.