You can’t prevent stupid, but there’s coverage for that.

Why should you give the insurance company more money for Personal Injury Protection and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage?   Because car wrecks happen. They happen to you, they happen to me, they happen to any person who has been in or will be in a moving vehicle. Even if you’re as careful as a naked man [...]

You Can Prevent an 18 Wheel Truck Collision

“Hoss, you ain’t gonna believe this, but that crazy (bleep) just tried to drive under my truck!” - Cledus Snow in Smokey And The Bandit   In the Burt Reynold’s classic Smokey and The Bandit, it’s entertaining to watch truck drivers throw caution to the wind and race “from Atlanta to Texarkana and back in [...]

What Qualities to Look for When Deciding on Who to Hire as a Personal Injury Lawyer

Four Important Factors to Consider when Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer If you or a loved one have suffered personal injuries or death, it is imperative to find a personal injury lawyer who is willing to be your advocate to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your injuries, and one you can rely [...]

What Do You Do When the Personal Injury Defendant Files For Bankruptcy?

Regardless of the debt, whether it’s a mortgage, taxes, foreclosure, or court ordered payments, when an individual files for bankruptcy an automatic stay is granted, which prohibits any form of collections, or lawsuit from moving forward until the court either lifts or modifies the stay, or the bankruptcy is discharged. Proof of “Cause” for Your [...]

What Damages Can I Claim For A Personal Injury Case in Hunt County?

Damages in the form of financial compensation will never replace the physical or emotional losses experienced by most individuals in a personal injury case, but financial compensation will allow the injured, or their families to begin the process of moving forward with their lives by providing the financial support lost due to medical bills, loss [...]

What Are the Worst Cities to Drive In?

It is probably no surprise that the “Allstate America’s Best Drivers Report®” listed Dallas, TX as one of the worst cities to drive in citing that a driver is 35.6% more likely to suffer a collision than the national average. Allstate found that smaller cities are much better as far as the likelihood of a [...]

Think Twice Before Ignoring Railroad Crossing Bars

On December 12th, reported the following story: A man tried to drive around a railroad crossing bar in Virginia and was struck by an Amtrak train barreling at almost 80 mph on Thursday morning, authorities said. The man was flown to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The Virginia State Police said that alcohol was [...]

Steps To Take After An Accident In A Rental Car

Few things can put a person in a bad mood as quickly as an auto accident. Having an accident in a vehicle that is not yours adds to the unpleasantness. If that vehicle happens to be a rental car, your troubles are increased all the more. For the most part, the details of handling a [...]

Someone Hit My Car, Do I Really Need To See A Doctor?

Being in a car accident can be psychologically and financially taxing, the consequences to your health must also be taken into consideration. If you experience any kind of injury, you need to seek a doctor who specializes in injuries that result from automobile accidents. Aside from the complications that can arise from waiting, prompt documentation [...]