Meet Smith & Lee

Where Service Meets the Law

From your first call until case closed, we strive to provide you quality service to help you in your time of need.  It is your case, not ours and we want to help you win. 

We are here for you. 

We only help the hurt. Injuries and wrongful death claims are our specialty. Day in and day out our team is helping people who have been hurt or loved ones who have lost someone. We focus on one area of the law because we believe that the best way to get great at something is to devote ourselves to it every day. 

We combine a deep knowledge of injury law with a desire to do right for our clients and their families. The firm’s founder, G. David Smith, has always believed that a client should know their lawyer and should be treated like a close friend or family member. He lives by the motto “know your client, know your case.” 

Our team spends countless hours with the attorneys discussing cases and claims, learning and deciding how to best serve our clients. We believe that every member of our team should aim to help when you call. We believe that attorneys should talk to their clients, but sometimes the courtroom calls. That is why our team strives to know our clients and cases as well as the attorney. The whole firm is on your side. 

For over 40 years this firm has practiced injury law, starting with G. David Smith in 1983. In 2009, Ryan K. Lee joined the firm and in 2015  became a partner.  David’s deep knowledge of injury law and his commitment to knowing his clients paired well with Ryan’s desire to provide great service after years in the customer service industry that began as a teenager working at Starbucks

We also know great service is only meaningful with a great product. In the law, a great product means knowing how to do the job and do it well. That is why we take hours and hours of continuing education every year devoted to our practice area and attend trial college seminars. We want to bring you great service along with great legal representation. We want to win, and we want to win for you.