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Large semi-trucks are everywhere. Delivering food, online orders, gasoline, concrete, moving peoples belongings and a million other items. They are often loaded down, heavy and fast moving vehicles flying from one destination to another across our interstates, highways and local roads. 

There are multiple state and national laws in place to try and ensure the safety of others on the roads. Unfortunately, these laws can and do get ignored in the interest of corporations putting profits over people. Truck drivers trying to meet high and strenuous demands speed from one place to another, fail to take adequate rest breaks and drive tired, look at their phones and electronic devices for road conditions and traffic updates, run red lights and cut others off on  the roads trying to meet employer demands to be on time. 

These demands, along with relaxed or forgotten safety standards create a recipe for disaster. Trucking companies and corporations try and use insurance companies and underhanded tricks to try and shift the blame and avoid liability for the damage they cause. 

At Smith and Lee, we are dedicated to making sure that these companies are held accountable for their actions. We don’t just strive to compensate you, but to correct the bad behavior of the bad actors to prevent someone else from suffering like you did. If you want to fight for fair compensation, and to protect others like you, call our offices today.