This is a type of coverage that you may have under your car insurance policy if you elected to have it at the time you signed up for insurance. Typically, a Texas policy will have $2,500-$5,000 per person. This is no fault insurance.

While it doesn’t seem fair this scenario is exactly what you have been paying that premium for all this time. You paid for the insurance, don’t be afraid to get what you paid for.

If the person who caused the accident has coverage, but not enough, we will work with all the providers and health insurers involved to try and make a recovery for you an pay off all the bills with the amount that is available. Unfortunately, we do this all the time.

If the person who caused the accident is uninsured, that will typically imply that they do not have any assets to go after either. We will perform a search. If they are uninsured and have no assets, we will have to look to your Uninsured Motorist Coverage to make a claim for your damages against.