Auto Accidents


Today, millions of drivers ply our roads. Unfortunately, millions of people usually park our road systems. Moreover, we are subject to various distractions both inside and outside our vehicles.
Unfortunately, all these distractions exist amidst tons of laws in place that should help keep us safe on the road. Why is that? Because some people don’t follow these laws.

For example, every day you witness reckless drivers using their cellphones, not signaling when attempting to turn, and even going far above the speed limit. It is no wonder that car wrecks happen daily. Sometimes we are lucky and the outcomes are minor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually turn out that way. The results can have major life-altering consequences. Fortunately, Smith and Lee, Lawyers know that when the negligence of another driver affects you, it is important to receive adequate compensation for any damages or injury you incur. Our team of professionals makes sure we have every fact straight before entering the courtroom.

Rear-end car accident on a highway

We firmly believe if a driver chooses to drive recklessly and disobey road rules, thereby, resulting in the injury or death of another person, then they and their insurance should be responsible for all the damages they caused. We won’t bend at the knee to insurance companies trying to withhold compensation. Instead, we will always do the right thing. Consequently, we ensure you or your family receive the necessary reparations to pay for car damages, medical bills, and any other significant setback you may have received during the event of an auto accident.

So, if you or your family members have fallen victim to reckless driving, you don’t need to bear responsibility for another person’s irresponsibility. Instead, you need to talk to our team and let us follow up with the compensation process until you get justice. Call us today.

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