Trucking Accident


When you consider a semi-truck barreling down the interstate at top speed, packed with heavy items, it’s easy to realize that any misstep can have drastic consequences. Every day, our highways are filled with hundreds of thousands of semi-trucks loaded with everything from Amazon packages to corrosive materials. And while some of these cargo loads are more dangerous than others, any collision involving a semi-truck has the potential to be life-threatening.

Although there are safety laws in place to prevent accidents involving semi-trucks, the high demand of the trucking industry occasionally causes basic safety standards to fall by the wayside. For example, strict delivery times may cause a trucker to drive longer hours than they should, slowing their reflexes or even causing them to fall asleep at the wheel. Or, they may fail to secure their cargo appropriately, which can have severe consequences for anyone driving near them.

Trucking accident. Semi-truck involved in a rear-end accident with a minivan.

Forgotten or neglected safety standards combined with the vast number of trucks on the road is a recipe for disaster. Of course, the companies that are in charge of semi-trucks are aware of the inevitability of accidents, and they have protocols in place to ensure they aren’t held liable for their actions. Some protocols, like insurance, are legal. But other times, trucking companies use underhanded tricks to shift the blame off of themselves. They may even try to make the victim seem unreliable or at fault for a trucking accident to prevent their business from coming under scrutiny.

Here at Smith and Lee, we are dedicated to making sure these companies are held accountable for their actions. Our years of experience in this field ensure that we know both the laws and the tricks companies use to shift the blame off of themselves. To receive the most comprehensive settlement for injuries you’ve received from a trucking accident, contact our office today.

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