Steps To Take After An Accident In A Rental Car

Posted on Aug 5, 2021 by smithandlee

Few things can put a person in a bad mood as quickly as an auto accident. Having an accident in a vehicle that is not yours adds to the unpleasantness. If that vehicle happens to be a rental car, your troubles are increased all the more.

For the most part, the details of handling a rental car accident are similar to any other accident. The importance of doing things right in the aftermath of a rental car accident cannot be overstated. Not only do missteps have the potential to cause you a mountain of perfunctory paperwork, but also the complications surrounding your situation exponentially grow.

Here are few quick steps to help make sure you follow protocol.

Make sure everyone in your vehicle is okay first, including yourself. Then check the other parties involved in the accident to insure they are okay. If someone has suffered any kind of injury, call 911. Don’t be afraid to send up emergency flares if someone seems to be in great danger.[

Okay, now that everyone is safe, go ahead and exchange your information with the other driver(s). Don’t feel awkward about taking photos. Snap a few of your vehicle, other vehicles, license plates, make and model markers and symbols, and particularly any damage that has occurred to vehicles and property.

No. Don’t lie, but do your best to avoid the subject altogether. In the exchange of information, don’t hand over rental car paperwork. There is no need for them to know and, in fact, the other parties may try to take advantage of the fact that your car is a rental if they find out. Once you and everyone else are safe and have exchanged information, get on out of there

Not before you are safe, as soon as possible call the Law Offices of G. David Smith. Our fast and proficient rental car accident attorneys can help guide you through the next few steps. What not to say. What to say. Let us help protect you from common pitfalls people fall into when reporting rental car accidents.

Check the inside of the glove box for the rental company’s emergency number. You should also be able to find that number online fairly easily if need be. Make sure you’ve read the fine print of your rental agreement and ask us if you have any questions before you proceed. Let the company know the facts.

We’ll also help you with your communication to your insurance company. Make sure you ask if they’ll follow through with an accident report with local police. If you don’t know what your coverage includes already, ask your insurance company to talk about the kind of policy you have been paying for (collision, comprehensive, etc.) and what the deductible is. Let insurance know if you purchased the car company’s additional insurance.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, let us leverage the full force of our firm to launch a proper investigation into your case. We pledge to give your case the attention and resources necessary to maximize your recovery and provide the kind of protection your family needs. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free initial consultation at Smith and Lee, Lawyers, P.C. Call 972-771-2579 or call toll free at 1-800-548-8128. Feel free to contact us online as well to speak to an attorney.