Negligence and Accidents

Posted on Aug 5, 2021 by smithandlee

“Negligence is the rust of the soul,

that corrodes through all her best resolves.”

– Owen Feltham, English Writer

In many personal injury cases, especially automobile accidents, the victim who has suffered an injury relies on a legal concept – negligence – to establish another person’s fault for the elemental accident.

What is Duty of Care?

Duty of Care is a legal term that assigns responsibility to one person who could have avoided causing harm to another. In a personal injury lawsuit, the initial action in proving another’s negligence is to establish that he or she had a duty of care in the situation that gave acceleration to the injury. The injured individual – the plaintiff – needs to show exactly how the other party – the defendant – failed to meet that duty. Once this breach is vested, the final step in proof of negligence is to show that the plaintiff suffered real injuries that were caused by that breach.

What if I Was Negligent

Often, involvement in an accident, especially a car accident that causes injury, can shine light on your own, individual negligence of responsibility. Sometimes it is the realized that you could have taken better, more proper care of your automobile, which might have resulted in the accident never happening.

Other times, a second look at your surroundings can help you understand what might have helped relinquish the disaster. A stop sign covered up by an overgrown tree or a faded yellow line supposed to help guide traffic can be solely responsible for the accident. This is also considered negligence on someone’s part

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