Someone Hit My Car, Do I Really Need To See A Doctor?

Posted on Aug 5, 2021 by smithandlee

Being in a car accident can be psychologically and financially taxing, the consequences to your health must also be taken into consideration. If you experience any kind of injury, you need to seek a doctor who specializes in injuries that result from automobile accidents. Aside from the complications that can arise from waiting, prompt documentation from a physician is needed in order for a lawyer to process any claims you may be entitled to from an insurance provider.

Following an accident many may not feel the effects of an injury or downplay the damage done to their bodies and forgo a trip to a doctor altogether. This is the worst thing you can do for your health following an accident.

Immediately following the impact of the accident, most will be in need of medical attention, full examination complete with X-rays, and methods for pain management. Some accidents can lead to months of repair or even irreparable damage done to your body.

Depending on the accident and the injuries that result from it, many may be inclined to wait before seeking medical attention. While the impact of this on your health varies by many differing factors, to insurance companies, the amount of time spent between accident and medical treatment can impact any claims you intend to make.

Many insurers provide a 72-hour window in which you can provide documentation of damage resulting from the accident in order to claim any monies you are owed. As medical costs can accrue quickly, any potential payout is a great help.

Not all doctors are receptive to nor qualified to examine a patient following a car accident. Depending on the state you live in or the counsel from the insurance company you may be directed to a medical facility where you may have to pay out of pocket in order to get any form of documentation as to your visit and your injuries.

When searching for a doctor it is best to seek legal counsel that know how to navigate the murky legal waters that stand between you and seeking medical treatment within the time permitted. In the meantime, consider going to your personal physician or to an emergency room to obtain some form of proof that you sought out medical treatment following the accident. Contact our law firm today to get started on your case and learn your next step.